Flowing out of our church-planting DNA and our dream of becoming a disciple-making, missional church,

TRANSFORMING GENERATIONS contains three major components that will challenge us to grow both in our faith and in our generosity:


Develop a discipleship culture to raise a generation of leaders who will bring the power of the Gospel in their spheres of influence.


Build a strong missions base and outreach center that will mobilize our generation, and train and send workers into the missions field.


Plant churches that proclaim hope, share grace, and multiply in Houston and abroad for years to come.



TRANSFORMING GENERATIONS is a challenging vision for our church that comes out of a desire to act on the Great Commission and can only be realized by God’s grace. Without it, we will never accomplish something so expansive. Over the next two years, we want you to pray with us.

Pray for the Lord to open our hearts, to enlarge our faith, and to desire God’s plan for our future.

Pray for the next generation of leaders to be discipled and equipped to be influencers in their spheres of influence.

Pray for the resources necessary to plant hope-proclaiming, grace-sharing, reproducing churches both in our city and abroad.



As followers of Christ, we are called to imitate the life of Jesus, who gave both sacrificially and joyfully (Heb 12:2). Our lives, too, should be characterized by one that gives generously, whether it is our time, our talent, or our treasure. Over the past 25 years, God has faithfully blessed us and as part of this vision, we are asking you to prayerfully consider where you are on the journey to generosity and take another step forward in your giving.

Please refer to the Commitment Card as you seek God’s leading on how you will grow in your generosity to W. We will be collecting everyone’s commitment cards on Sunday, February 28, 2016.


How you can respond

Over the next five years, we want to see God move in our people to lead them to go and proclaim hope and share grace so that lives would be transformed by Christ in their schools, their homes, their workplaces, and out into the world.

As you pray over the next five years, ask God if he is calling you out of your comfort zone and GO:

  • share the gospel to your classmate, your family member, your coworker;
  •  on a short term trip again or for the very first time;
  • reach the unreached people groups around the world.

TRANSFORMING GENERATIONS requires us all to grow in our generosity.


TRANSFORMING GENERATIONS is about challenging ourselves to take a significant step of faith to grow in our discipleship and stewardship — two intertwined aspects of our faith. As we grow in our discipleship we grow in our stewardship, and as we grow in our stewardship we grow in our discipleship. The two concepts work hand-in-hand to mold us to be more like Jesus.

TRANSFORMING GENERATIONS requires us all to grow in our generosity.

Honoring and following God with our stewardship results in an impact in the lives of those around us. In God’s economy, our heightened generosity can not only help transform lives but whole generations.

Stepping up the generosity ladder

The Generosity Ladder helps us evaluate our current level of stewardship and generosity. TRANSFORMING the GENERATIONS will challenge each of us to grow in our faith by rising to the next level of God-pleasing generosity and stewardship. Will you have the courage and faith to ask God to take you to the next step? Everyone has a place in TRANSFORMING GENERATIONS. Some of us will give for the very first time and some of us, who have given for decades, will take yet another step in our discipleship.  Together, as we grow in our discipleship and in our stewardship by faith, we will see and experience God move and do more than we can ever imagine.

Through proclaiming hope and sharing grace, we desire to see not only the next generation of leaders transformed through discipling, equipping, and church planting, but our current generation as well. TRANSFORMING GENERATIONS is the opportunity to accomplish both.

Will you join us on the journey?